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Eagle Scout Projects

Last Summer and this past weekend, local Boy Scout troops contributed to the construction of the reef. Two Eagle Scout candidates, Nathaniel R. and Drew M., adopted the making of the concrete oyster blocks as their Eagle community service project last year and this. Yesterday, Drew was able to take part in placing his blocks on the reef. The Boy Scout blocks are somewhat smaller than the standard oyster castle blocks, so we have added them to another point of the triangular reef plot. See pics below.


We started the season in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with small groups of scouts working outdoors. We were storing the blocks high up on the bank of the creek to be hauled down to the beach and placed on the reef on a later day. Below is Nathaniel R. delivering his blocks.

Later in the Summer, we changed strategies. Troop 111 from Gloucester Courthouse made blocks which were deposited near the York River at Gloucester Point. From there, they were loaded onto a boat and transported upriver to the reef site. Later they were placed on the reef by the scouts.


In 2021, we have continued transporting the blocks from Gloucester Point by boat to the reef site at high tide, and then bringing volunteers by boat on a separate day at low tide.

Here community volunteers turned out to help Drew plant his blocks on the reef.

Drew in the Oysters Forever T-shirt and another volunteer at work.

Last year's BSA blocks are in the back, covered with barnacles. The newly placed blocks are in the foreground, newly waiting for oyster spat to set on them.

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